APWA Uniform Color Code

Dec 9, 2017

Understanding the Importance of the APWA Uniform Color Code

When it comes to propane cylinders, safety and compliance are of utmost importance. The APWA Uniform Color Code serves as a standardized system for identifying the contents of propane cylinders, ensuring proper handling, storage, and transportation.

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The Basics of the APWA Uniform Color Code

The APWA Uniform Color Code is a color-based identification system that enables users to determine the contents of propane cylinders at a glance. The standardized color scheme helps prevent mishaps, accidents, and potential hazards associated with mishandling or misidentifying propane cylinders.

Color Coding Chart for Propane Cylinders:

  • Blue: Indicates propane for household use.
  • Green: Designates propane designed for industrial applications.
  • Yellow: Highlights propane cylinders used in recreational vehicles and campers.
  • Red: Identifies cylinders filled with acetylene gas for welding purposes.
  • Orange: Represents cylinders containing specific hazardous substances as per industry standards.
  • Tan: Signifies specialty gases such as helium or nitrogen.
  • Aqua: Indicates cylinders with a low oxygen content used for aquatic life support systems.

It's essential to note that the APWA Uniform Color Code is not limited to the above-mentioned colors. Other colors representing specific gases or substances may also exist, depending on the industry and its regulations.

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