APS offers three new programs to help customers use more solar energy

Aug 31, 2023
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Welcome to Barrett Propane Prescott, your trusted partner in providing high-quality and sustainable energy solutions. We are thrilled to share some exciting news about Arizona Public Service (APS) offering three new programs that aim to help customers leverage solar energy and make a positive impact on the environment. In this article, we will discuss these programs that enable homeowners and businesses to embrace solar power and reduce their carbon footprint. Read on to learn about the benefits and how you can take advantage of these initiatives.

1. Solar for All Program

The Solar for All Program by APS is designed to make solar energy more accessible to low-income customers. This initiative provides financial assistance and resources to households that might otherwise face barriers to installing solar panels. By participating in the Solar for All Program, eligible customers can enjoy the benefits of solar energy, including reduced electricity bills, while contributing to a cleaner and greener Arizona.

1.1 Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Solar for All Program, customers must meet specific income guidelines set by APS. The program aims to prioritize participants who might not have the means to install solar panels without financial assistance. By making solar energy accessible to a wider range of individuals, APS seeks to promote inclusivity and sustainability within the community.

1.2 Application Process

If you meet the income criteria, you can apply for the Solar for All Program through APS's official website. The application process is straightforward and requires you to provide necessary documentation to verify your eligibility. Once approved, APS will connect you with trusted solar installation partners who will help you install solar panels, ensuring a seamless transition to cleaner energy.

2. Solar Innovation Study

As a forward-thinking utility, APS is committed to exploring innovative solutions that enhance the use of solar energy. The Solar Innovation Study is one such program that focuses on researching and developing new technologies to advance clean energy usage. By investing in cutting-edge technologies and collaborating with industry experts, APS aims to revolutionize the solar energy landscape in Arizona and beyond.

2.1 Advancements in Solar Storage

The Solar Innovation Study aims to drive advancements in solar storage technologies, such as battery systems, to unlock the full potential of solar power. By addressing the challenges associated with solar storage, APS seeks to improve energy resiliency and enable customers to maximize their solar energy generation. Through this program, APS demonstrates its commitment to innovation and sustainable energy solutions.

2.2 Collaborative Partnerships

APS actively collaborates with local research institutes, universities, and technology companies to facilitate knowledge sharing and accelerate progress in solar innovation. By fostering partnerships, APS encourages a collaborative environment focused on developing practical solutions that benefit customers and the environment. This approach ensures that ongoing research and efforts translate into tangible results and benefits for the community.

3. Community Solar Program

The Community Solar Program by APS allows customers who cannot install solar panels on their properties to still enjoy the benefits of solar energy. Through this program, customers can subscribe to a share of a local solar project and receive credits on their electricity bills corresponding to their subscription amount. By participating in community solar, individuals and businesses can support clean energy while minimizing the challenges associated with implementing solar power systems individually.

3.1 How Community Solar Works

When customers subscribe to a community solar project, they receive credits on their electricity bills based on their subscribed share. These credits offset a portion of their monthly energy costs, providing both financial savings and the satisfaction of supporting renewable energy generation. The Community Solar Program allows customers to embrace solar power without requiring rooftop installations or maintenance, making it a convenient and inclusive option for anyone interested in sustainability.

3.2 Environmental and Economic Benefits

Participating in the Community Solar Program not only allows customers to access clean energy but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions and promoting a healthier environment. By supporting local solar projects, you play a direct role in decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, community solar initiatives often stimulate local economies by creating jobs in the renewable energy sector, fostering economic growth, and establishing a sustainable energy infrastructure.


Barrett Propane Prescott is excited to share the news about APS offering three new programs to help customers use more solar energy. The Solar for All Program enhances access to solar power for low-income customers, while the Solar Innovation Study drives advancements in solar storage technologies. Additionally, the Community Solar Program allows individuals and businesses to support clean energy without the need for individual installations. By embracing these APS programs, you can reduce your environmental impact, save on electricity bills, and contribute to building a sustainable future for Arizona. Contact Barrett Propane Prescott today for more information on how you can participate in these initiatives and unlock the benefits of solar energy.

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That's fantastic! APS is really taking steps to promote renewable energy usage. 👏🌞
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Great initiative! APS empowering customers to go solar. 🌞🔌
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