Inclusive workplace helps power APS forward

Apr 19, 2019
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Welcome to the page that explores how an inclusive workplace culture plays a vital role in powering Barrett Propane Prescott (APS) forward. As an eCommerce & Shopping - Appliances & electronics company, Barrett Propane Prescott understands the critical importance of cultivating diversity and inclusion within their organization.

The Power of Inclusion at Barrett Propane Prescott

At Barrett Propane Prescott, we believe that creating an inclusive workplace is not just the right thing to do but also a strategic business imperative. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion drives our success, fuels innovation, and enriches our employees' lives.

The Benefit of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand, and we recognize the transformative power they bring to our organization. Our diverse team brings unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas, fostering creativity and problem-solving. By embracing diversity and promoting a culture of inclusion, we create an environment that attracts top talent, enhances employee engagement, and strengthens our company's reputation.

Embracing Differences

At Barrett Propane Prescott, we celebrate differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, abilities, and viewpoints. We foster an atmosphere where everyone feels valued, respected, and heard. Embracing these differences enables us to better understand our customers' diverse needs and deliver exceptional service.

Cultivating Collaboration

We firmly believe that collaboration is at its best when diverse minds come together. By promoting inclusivity, we encourage teamwork and build a supportive environment where individuals feel comfortable expressing their ideas. This collaboration fosters innovation, enhancing our ability to adapt to changing market trends and provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

Beyond the Workplace

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our workplace. We actively engage with the communities we serve, supporting initiatives that promote social equity, education, and empowerment. By doing so, we strive to create a positive societal impact and contribute to the greater good.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

To ensure our workplace is inclusive on all fronts, we have implemented several initiatives and programs:

1. Diversity Training Programs

At Barrett Propane Prescott, we value education and understanding. We provide comprehensive diversity training programs to our employees, raising awareness about unconscious biases, stereotypes, and fostering empathy. This training equips our team with the knowledge and tools needed to create an inclusive environment.

2. Employee Resource Groups

We have established Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to create a sense of belonging and provide a platform for underrepresented employees to connect, collaborate, and share experiences. These ERGs support and amplify diverse voices while contributing to our organization's growth and success.

3. Mentorship and Sponsorship Programs

We believe in nurturing talent and creating opportunities for career growth. Our mentorship and sponsorship programs pair employees with experienced leaders who provide guidance, support, and advocate for their advancement. These initiatives promote diversity in leadership positions and facilitate the development of future leaders.

4. Transparent Communication

Open and transparent communication is fundamental to fostering an inclusive workplace culture. We encourage dialogue and feedback, valuing everyone's input, and ensuring that diverse perspectives are heard and valued.

5. Work-Life Balance

Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we promote flexible work arrangements, remote work options, and comprehensive benefits packages. By accommodating individual needs, we create an environment where everyone can thrive personally and professionally.


Barrett Propane Prescott is proud to champion diversity and inclusion as integral principles guiding our business. We believe that an inclusive workplace drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and ultimately powers our company forward. By welcoming diverse perspectives and creating a culture of respect, we not only enhance the lives of our employees but also ensure a positive impact on our customers and the community we serve.

Michael Bogliole
Impressive commitment to workplace diversity!
Nov 12, 2023
Robert Ierardi
Great to see how Barrett Propane Prescott emphasizes the power of inclusion in their workplace! 👏🌈
Oct 17, 2023