TEP Assists with Elephant's Return to Zoo

Feb 4, 2020
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Barrett Propane Prescott, your trusted partner in eCommerce & Shopping - Appliances & Electronics, is proud to share the heartwarming story of how Tucson Electric Power (TEP) contributed to the safe return of an elephant to our local zoo. This incredible rescue mission showcases the dedication and partnership within our community.

The Elephant's Journey

The journey began when a distressed elephant named Kavi was transported from a nearby sanctuary to our city's zoo. Kavi's health had deteriorated, and it was crucial to provide him with expert care and suitable living conditions at the zoo to ensure a better quality of life.

The Role of TEP

TEP, known for their commitment to environmental stewardship and community welfare, stepped in to assist with this remarkable endeavor. Their extensive experience in animal welfare initiatives made them an invaluable partner in ensuring Kavi's safe transportation.

Planning and Logistics

TEP meticulously planned the logistics of transporting an elephant of Kavi's size and consulted with experts to develop a comprehensive strategy. Overcoming numerous challenges, they devised a detailed route, considering road conditions, safety measures, and minimizing potential disruptions.

Specialized Equipment

To tackle the unique requirements of transporting an elephant, TEP procured specialized equipment, including custom-made containers and modified transport vehicles. These investments and dedicated efforts demonstrate the lengths to which TEP went to ensure Kavi's comfort and safety throughout the journey.

Implications for the Community

The successful return of Kavi to the zoo not only brings joy to animal lovers but also strengthens the community's bond. The collaboration between TEP and Barrett Propane Prescott exemplifies the importance of partnering with organizations that prioritize social responsibility and actively contribute to local causes.

Educational Outreach

This remarkable event offers an opportunity for educational outreach programs within our community. TEP and Barrett Propane Prescott are committed to organizing initiatives that raise awareness about conservation, animal welfare, and the vital role zoos play in preserving endangered species.

Positive Public Perception

TEP's involvement in this operation further enhances their reputation as an environmentally conscious company. Their commitment to sustainable practices resonates with individuals who prioritize businesses with a strong moral compass. Through their collaboration with Barrett Propane Prescott, this positive perception extends to our organization as well.


The successful return of Kavi the elephant to our local zoo exemplifies the unwavering dedication of TEP and Barrett Propane Prescott to make a meaningful impact on our community. This heartwarming story showcases the successful partnership between Barrett Propane Prescott and TEP and reinforces our commitment to building a better future together.

By choosing Barrett Propane Prescott as your eCommerce & Shopping - Appliances & Electronics provider, you not only gain access to top-quality products but also join hands with a company that values social responsibility and contributes to significant initiatives like the safe return of Kavi the elephant.

That's awesome! Well done.
Nov 11, 2023
What an incredible collaboration between TEP and the local zoo to ensure the safe return of the elephant! A heartwarming story indeed.
Oct 12, 2023