TEP Supports Extending Navajo Generating Station

May 20, 2019
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At Barrett Propane Prescott, we are pleased to share the news about Tucson Electric Power (TEP) extending their support for the Navajo Generating Station. As a leading eCommerce & Shopping company specializing in appliances & electronics, this development has significant implications for our business and the wider industry.

The Importance of Navajo Generating Station

The Navajo Generating Station, located in Arizona, has been a vital source of electricity generation in the Southwestern United States for several decades. Its operation has helped meet the growing energy demands of the region and has played a crucial role in supporting businesses like ours.

Positive Impact on Barrett Propane Prescott

As an eCommerce & Shopping company, our success heavily relies on a stable and affordable energy supply. The extension of the Navajo Generating Station ensures that we can continue to provide our customers with reliable appliances and electronics at competitive prices.

Secure Supply Chain

The Navajo Generating Station's continued operation helps secure the supply chain for Barrett Propane Prescott. By ensuring uninterrupted electricity transmission, we can maintain efficient logistics and deliver products promptly to our customers.

Affordable Energy Costs

With TEP's support for extending the Navajo Generating Station, we can benefit from affordable energy costs. This allows us to offer competitive pricing for our appliances and electronics, making them accessible to a wider customer base.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Aside from the direct impact on our business, extending the Navajo Generating Station brings about broader economic and environmental advantages that align with our values at Barrett Propane Prescott.

Job Creation

The operation of the Navajo Generating Station supports local jobs and contributes to the economic prosperity of the surrounding communities. By fostering employment opportunities, we help build sustainable economies and uplift livelihoods in the region.

Transition to Renewable Energy

While our focus is on appliances and electronics, we recognize the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources. The extension of the Navajo Generating Station allows for a smoother transition as alternative energy solutions continue to develop.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Barrett Propane Prescott is committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that our operations have minimal impact on the environment. With TEP's support for extending the Navajo Generating Station, we can align our business goals with a reliable energy source while actively working towards a greener future.


The extension of the Navajo Generating Station, with the support of TEP, is a significant development that positively influences businesses like Barrett Propane Prescott. As an eCommerce & Shopping company specializing in appliances & electronics, we are excited about the economic, environmental, and cost benefits this initiative brings. We remain committed to providing our customers with high-quality products, competitive pricing, and a reliable supply chain.

Natalie Lonely
Great news for the industry! Excited to see the positive impacts this will bring.
Nov 10, 2023
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That's good! 💯
Oct 15, 2023
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Great news!
Oct 7, 2023