TEP Task Force Supports Low Income Customers

May 17, 2022
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Barrett Propane Prescott is committed to ensuring that all customers, including low-income individuals and families, have access to affordable and efficient energy solutions. As a leading provider in the eCommerce & Shopping - Appliances & electronics industry, we are proud to support the initiatives of the TEP Task Force in assisting low-income customers with their specific needs.

Understanding the TEP Task Force

The TEP Task Force, or the Tucson Electric Power Task Force, is a community-based collaboration aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by low-income customers in the energy sector. The Task Force consists of various organizations, including utility providers, government agencies, and community advocates, that work together to develop and implement programs that improve energy affordability and accessibility.

Services for Low-Income Customers

Barrett Propane Prescott, as an active member of the TEP Task Force, offers a range of services and resources tailored to support low-income customers:

1. Propane Energy Assistance Program

Our Propane Energy Assistance Program (PEAP) is specifically designed to assist low-income customers in meeting their energy needs. Through PEAP, eligible customers can receive financial support to help cover the cost of propane, ensuring they can maintain a warm and comfortable home during the colder seasons.

2. Energy Efficiency Education

We believe that education plays a crucial role in empowering low-income customers to make informed energy choices. Through our partnership with the TEP Task Force, we provide energy efficiency education initiatives that teach customers about efficient propane usage, conservation strategies, and the benefits of regular maintenance.

3. Affordable Pricing and Flexible Payment Options

Understanding the financial constraints faced by low-income individuals, Barrett Propane Prescott offers competitive and affordable pricing for propane products. Additionally, we work closely with our customers to provide flexible payment options, including payment plans and discounts, to ensure that propane remains accessible and affordable.

How the TEP Task Force Supports Low-Income Customers

The TEP Task Force, in collaboration with Barrett Propane Prescott, implements various initiatives to support low-income customers:

1. Financial Assistance Programs

The Task Force facilitates financial assistance programs that provide direct financial support to eligible low-income customers for energy-related expenses. These programs help alleviate the burden of energy costs, ensuring that individuals and families can access the energy they need without sacrificing other essential needs.

2. Weatherization Assistance

Through weatherization assistance programs, the Task Force helps improve the energy efficiency of low-income households. By conducting energy audits and implementing weatherization measures such as insulation, sealing air leaks, and upgrading inefficient appliances, low-income customers can enjoy lower energy bills and increased comfort.

3. Community Outreach and Advocacy

The TEP Task Force actively engages in community outreach and advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the challenges faced by low-income customers. By working closely with local communities and policymakers, the Task Force aims to create supportive environments that prioritize energy affordability and accessibility for all.


At Barrett Propane Prescott, we are dedicated to serving the needs of all customers, including those who are economically disadvantaged. Through our partnership with the TEP Task Force, we strive to make propane energy affordable and accessible to low-income individuals and families. By offering assistance programs, education, and flexible payment options, we empower low-income customers to overcome energy challenges and enjoy the benefits of a warm and efficient home.

Seck Matar
It's great to see the TEP Task Force taking action to support low-income customers and provide them with affordable energy solutions. Well done! 👏🌟
Nov 11, 2023
Great to see TEP Task Force taking action to support low-income customers and provide them with affordable energy solutions. Well done!
Oct 5, 2023