Lake Havasu City, AZ-Mulberry WWTP Expansion

Nov 27, 2020


Welcome to the Lake Havasu City, AZ-Mulberry WWTP Expansion project by Barrett Propane Prescott. We are excited to introduce this ambitious project designed to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant in order to meet the growing needs of the community. This project marks an important step towards ensuring a sustainable and efficient wastewater management system in Lake Havasu City and its surroundings.


Lake Havasu City, located in Arizona, is a rapidly growing community. As the population continues to increase, the existing wastewater treatment plant, the Mulberry WWTP, has reached its capacity and requires significant upgrades to handle the elevated demands. Barrett Propane Prescott, a prominent provider of propane services in the area, has taken on the challenge of expanding the Mulberry WWTP to ensure it can cater to the needs of the community now and in the future.


The purpose of the Lake Havasu City, AZ-Mulberry WWTP Expansion project is to enhance the capacity and efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant. By implementing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, the upgraded facility will be able to effectively treat and process a larger volume of wastewater, minimizing environmental impacts and safeguarding public health.

Key Features

The Lake Havasu City, AZ-Mulberry WWTP Expansion project entails several key features that will significantly improve the functionality of the wastewater treatment plant:

1. Increased Capacity

The upgraded Mulberry WWTP will have an increased capacity to handle higher volumes of wastewater. This will address the current limitations and allow for sustained growth in the region, accommodating the needs of the expanding population.

2. Advanced Treatment Processes

The expansion project will incorporate advanced treatment processes to ensure the effective removal of contaminants and pollutants from the wastewater. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, the upgraded plant will contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for Lake Havasu City.

3. Energy Efficiency Measures

Barrett Propane Prescott is committed to sustainable practices. As part of the expansion project, energy efficiency measures will be implemented to optimize the energy usage of the Mulberry WWTP. This will not only reduce operational costs but also minimize the environmental footprint of the facility.

4. Enhanced Monitoring and Control Systems

The upgraded wastewater treatment plant will feature advanced monitoring and control systems to ensure efficient and reliable operation. Real-time data analysis and remote access capabilities will enable proactive maintenance and swift response to any potential issues, further improving the overall performance of the facility.

5. Community Engagement

Barrett Propane Prescott believes in the importance of community engagement. Throughout the Lake Havasu City, AZ-Mulberry WWTP Expansion project, we will actively involve local stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and community organizations. This collaborative approach ensures transparency, fosters trust, and allows for valuable input from those directly impacted by the upgrades.

In Conclusion

The Lake Havasu City, AZ-Mulberry WWTP Expansion project undertaken by Barrett Propane Prescott is a crucial initiative to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant and meet the growing needs of the community. By increasing capacity, implementing advanced treatment processes, prioritizing energy efficiency, enhancing monitoring and control systems, and actively engaging with the local community, we aim to build a sustainable and effective wastewater management system. Join us in creating a cleaner and healthier future for Lake Havasu City and its residents.