APS Crews Lend a Hand After Massive California Winter Storm

Aug 13, 2020
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Overview of the California Winter Storm

A massive winter storm recently hit California, causing widespread damage and disruption across the state. From torrential rains to heavy snowfall, this natural disaster wreaked havoc on homes, infrastructure, and power systems. The aftermath of the storm left many communities without electricity and heat, putting the lives and well-being of residents at risk.

Barrett Propane Prescott: A Helping Hand

Amidst the chaos caused by the California winter storm, Barrett Propane Prescott stepped up to lend a helping hand to those affected by the disaster. As a leading provider of propane and related services, we understand the importance of reliable energy sources, especially during challenging times.

Propane: A Reliable Energy Solution

When facing power outages, propane emerges as a reliable alternative energy source. Unlike electricity, which can be disrupted due to damaged power lines or overwhelmed grids, propane remains unaffected by such issues. This clean-burning fuel can be used for a variety of purposes, including heating, cooking, and powering generators.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

At Barrett Propane Prescott, safety and efficiency are our top priorities. Our experienced technicians are trained to handle propane installations, inspections, and maintenance with utmost care and professionalism. We adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the safety of our customers, their properties, and the environment.

Assisting California Residents

Understanding the urgent need for reliable energy sources in the aftermath of the California winter storm, our APS (Assistance Propane Services) crews were dispatched to the affected areas to provide immediate assistance. Equipped with advanced tools and expertise, our crews efficiently restored propane systems, enabling residents to regain access to vital energy resources.

Commitment to Community

Barrett Propane Prescott takes pride in being an active member of the community. We believe in giving back and supporting our neighbors in times of need. Our participation in disaster relief efforts reflects our unwavering commitment to the well-being and resilience of the communities we serve.


The California winter storm posed significant challenges for residents across the state. In response, Barrett Propane Prescott worked tirelessly to provide assistance and restore access to reliable energy sources. Our APS crews played a crucial role in helping the affected communities recover and rebuild. With our commitment to safety, efficiency, and community support, we continue to prioritize the well-being of our customers and the areas we serve.

Morimoto Takuji
Great job APS Crews! Your assistance is truly appreciated. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Nov 8, 2023
Juan Sanchez
๐Ÿ™Œ Thank you APS Crews for lending a helping hand! ๐ŸŒŸ
Oct 5, 2023