Be Wary of Burglars, Scammers & Solar Salesmen Claiming False Ties to TEP

Sep 26, 2021
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Welcome to Barrett Propane Prescott's comprehensive guide on how to protect yourself from burglars, scammers, and solar salesmen who falsely claim ties to TEP (Tucson Electric Power). As a leading provider in eCommerce & Shopping for Appliances & Electronics, we understand the importance of safeguarding both your physical and financial well-being. In this article, we will discuss common tactics used by these individuals, how to identify warning signs, and the necessary steps to take to avoid falling victim to their deceitful practices.

Types of Scams

When it comes to protecting your home and finances, it's crucial to be aware of the various types of scams targeting unsuspecting individuals. Below, we detail three prevalent categories:


Burglaries continue to be a significant concern for homeowners seeking peace of mind. Scammers often pose as service providers or representatives, attempting to gain entry to houses under false pretenses. They may claim to be from reputable organizations like TEP, using the guise of inspecting electrical systems or promoting home security initiatives. It's important to note that legitimate service providers typically schedule appointments in advance and carry proper identification. Always verify the authenticity of any unexpected visits before allowing entry into your home.


The world of scams is vast and ever-evolving. From online fraud to door-to-door schemes, scammers concoct misleading narratives to target vulnerable individuals. Common examples include fake offers for solar panel installations or promises of reduced utility bills by affiliating with TEP. Remember, genuine companies do not engage in unsolicited offers or request personal information over the phone or email. Be cautious and don't hesitate to report suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.

Solar Salesmen Claiming False Ties to TEP

The popularity of solar energy has given rise to a new wave of scammers who exploit the public's interest in sustainable solutions. These deceitful individuals falsely claim to be associated with reputable organizations like TEP to gain trust and solicit payments for solar panel installations. However, TEP does not endorse any specific solar panel company or engage in unsolicited sales. Always research and consult trusted sources before making any commitments or financial transactions related to solar energy.

Identifying Warning Signs

Protecting yourself from burglars, scammers, and solar salesmen means being able to recognize red flags. Here are some warning signs to watch out for:

Pressure Tactics

Beware of individuals who use high-pressure sales tactics, whether it's pushing for quick decisions or claiming limited-time offers. Legitimate service providers understand the importance of informed decision-making and will provide you with all the necessary information without resorting to undue pressure.

Lack of Official Identification

Scammers often lack proper identification or refuse to provide it upon request. Genuine representatives from reputable organizations will always carry valid identification and willingly present it for verification purposes.

Unsolicited Contact

If you receive an unexpected visit, phone call, or email claiming to be from a service provider or representative, exercise caution. Reputable companies follow standard protocols and do not engage in unsolicited outreach unless previously arranged.

Requests for Personal Information or Payment

Be wary of any individual or organization that requests personal information or payment details without clear justification. Legitimate companies prioritize customer privacy and security and will not ask for sensitive information without legitimate reasons.

Protecting Yourself

Now that you're equipped with knowledge about common scams and warning signs, let's discuss actionable steps to protect yourself:

Research and Verify

Before engaging with any service provider, conduct thorough research. Check if they are affiliated with legitimate organizations and read reviews from trusted sources. Verify their credibility and authenticity before proceeding.

Contact Official Channels

If you're uncertain about the legitimacy of a representative claiming to be from TEP or any other organization, contact the respective company directly. Use official contact information obtained from reliable sources to confirm their claims.

Report Suspicious Activities

If you encounter any suspicious activities, including attempted scams or unauthorized visits, report them immediately. Contact local law enforcement agencies and notify the relevant organizations involved so they can take appropriate action.

Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with the latest news regarding scams and techniques used by burglars, scammers, and fraudulent solar salesmen. Knowledge is power, and staying informed will help you recognize and avoid potential threats.


As a trusted provider in eCommerce & Shopping for Appliances & Electronics, Barrett Propane Prescott is committed to your safety and security. By being aware of the tactics employed by burglars, scammers, and solar salesmen falsely claiming ties to TEP, you can effectively protect yourself and your loved ones. Remember to remain vigilant, verify identities, and report suspicious activities to maintain a secure environment. Together, we can create a community that is resilient against deception and fraud.

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