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Feb 3, 2020
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Welcome to Barrett Propane Prescott, your trusted provider of propane solutions in the heart of Arizona. In this article, we will explore the importance of understanding the color code used by Arizona 811 for safe digging practices. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional involved in construction or landscaping, knowledge of the color code is crucial to prevent accidents and damages.

Why is the Color Code Important?

The color code system implemented by Arizona 811 plays a crucial role in ensuring safety when digging in areas that may have underground utilities. Each color represents a specific type of utility, allowing workers, excavators, and homeowners to identify and locate potential hazards before undertaking any digging activities.

The Color Code Breakdown

Let's dive into the different colors and what they represent:

1. Red

The color red signifies electrical power lines. These lines carry high voltage and pose a significant safety risk if damaged. Never dig without obtaining proper documentation or consent when red lines are involved.

2. Yellow

Yellow signifies natural gas lines. Digging into a natural gas line poses a severe safety hazard, as it can lead to gas leaks and potential explosions. Always exercise caution and follow proper guidelines when working near yellow-marked areas.

3. Orange

Orange represents communication lines, including telephone lines and data cables. Damaging communication lines can disrupt essential services and cause inconvenience to the community. Always be mindful of orange markings when digging or conducting excavation work.

4. Blue

The color blue is used to indicate water lines. Damaging water lines can result in water loss, affecting both households and the local water supply. Be cautious and take necessary precautions to protect these critical resources.

5. Green

Green marks sewer lines. Sewer line breaks or leaks can lead to environmental contamination and pose health risks. Stay vigilant when working near green markings to prevent any accidental damage.

6. Purple

Purple is reserved for reclaimed water systems. Reclaimed water, often used for irrigation purposes, is treated wastewater safe for certain applications. Damaging these systems can negatively impact water conservation efforts. Pay attention to purple markings and avoid any harm.

7. White

White indicates proposed excavation, allowing utility companies to plan and mark their respective lines. White markings should not be confused with actual utility lines but serve as a reference for upcoming excavation work.

Safe Digging Tips

Now that we understand the color code, let's explore some essential safe digging tips:

  • Always contact Arizona 811 before initiating any digging activities
  • Wait for the utility companies to mark the underground lines
  • Respect the color code and do not dig before verifying the safety of your excavation
  • Use appropriate and non-destructive digging methods (e.g., hand tools, vacuum excavation) near marked areas
  • If you accidentally damage a line, report it immediately to the utility company

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Richard Holzmuller
The color code used by Arizona 811 is vital for safe digging. Stay informed, stay safe!
Nov 11, 2023