TEP Joins National Electric Highway Coalition

Dec 10, 2021
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Barrett Propane Prescott is thrilled to share breaking news with our loyal customers and the community at large. We are excited to announce that Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has officially joined the esteemed National Electric Highway Coalition, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of sustainable transportation infrastructure.

What is the National Electric Highway Coalition?

The National Electric Highway Coalition is a collaborative effort among various electric utilities, government agencies, and private sector entities. Its mission is to promote the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure along key transportation corridors throughout the United States. By fostering the rapid growth of charging stations, the coalition aims to facilitate long-distance travel for electric vehicle drivers, effectively eliminating range anxiety and promoting the widespread adoption of EVs.

TEP's Contribution to the Coalition

TEP's decision to join the National Electric Highway Coalition demonstrates their commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future. As a leading electric utility company in Arizona, TEP brings years of experience, expertise, and resources to the table. With TEP's inclusion, the coalition gains a valuable partner in the expansion of the electric charging network within our region.

Benefits for Consumers

This partnership between TEP and the National Electric Highway Coalition will yield numerous benefits for consumers. As the charging infrastructure continues to expand, electric vehicle owners can enjoy enhanced convenience and peace of mind, knowing they have a reliable network of charging stations available along their routes. This development will greatly alleviate concerns about range limitations and encourage more individuals to transition to electric vehicles, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint and improving air quality in our communities.

Environmental Impact

The addition of TEP to the National Electric Highway Coalition further bolsters our region's efforts towards a greener future. By accelerating the deployment of EV charging stations, we can decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. This collaboration is a significant step towards achieving sustainability goals and promotes the overall well-being of our environment.


Barrett Propane Prescott is proud to support TEP's commitment to sustainable transportation through their partnership with the National Electric Highway Coalition. This momentous achievement is a testament to the collective efforts of organizations and individuals striving for a cleaner, healthier, and more energy-efficient world. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this collaboration and encourage everyone to explore the exciting possibilities that electric vehicles bring to our communities.

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