TEP's New Trees For You Program by Barrett Propane Prescott

Feb 6, 2020
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The Power of Green

The TEP's New Trees For You Program offered by Barrett Propane Prescott is an initiative focused on promoting environmental sustainability and making a positive difference in our community. As a leader in the eCommerce & Shopping - Appliances & Electronics industry, we understand the importance of incorporating eco-friendly practices into our operations, and we proudly support this program as part of our commitment to a greener future.

Program Overview

The TEP's New Trees For You Program is designed to encourage Arizona residents to embrace sustainable living by planting more trees. Trees play a critical role in mitigating climate change, improving air quality, conserving water, and providing habitat for wildlife. Through this program, participants can receive a free tree to plant in their own yards, helping to beautify the community while also contributing to a healthier environment.

How It Works

Participating in TEP's New Trees For You Program is easy. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Eligibility: The program is open to all TEP residential customers within our service area.
  2. TREE Application: Visit our website and fill out the TREE application form with your information.
  3. Tree Selection: Once your application is approved, you can choose from a variety of native tree species suitable for your region.
  4. Delivery and Planting: Our team will deliver the selected tree to your doorstep along with planting instructions.
  5. Growing and Care: Follow the provided guidelines to ensure the healthy growth of your tree, and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Benefits of Participating

By participating in TEP's New Trees For You Program, you not only contribute to a greener environment but also enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Energy Savings: Strategically planting trees around your home can help reduce energy consumption by providing natural shade during hot summers and acting as windbreakers during colder months.
  • Improved Air Quality: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving the air quality in your neighborhood.
  • Water Conservation: Properly placed trees can minimize water runoff and help conserve water resources.
  • Wildlife Habitat: Trees provide shelter and food for a wide variety of bird species and other wildlife, enhancing the biodiversity of your surroundings.
  • Community Beautification: Your planted trees contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your community, making it more inviting and attractive.


The TEP's New Trees For You Program offered by Barrett Propane Prescott is an excellent opportunity for Arizona residents to play an active role in environmental conservation. By receiving a free tree, you not only enhance your own property but also contribute to creating a more sustainable and beautiful community.

Mary McGlasson
I love seeing companies like Barrett Propane Prescott taking steps towards a greener future! It's inspiring to see how they are making a positive impact on the environment and our community through their New Trees For You Program. Kudos to them for their commitment to sustainability!
Nov 11, 2023
Nancy Hua
Great initiative - promoting environmental sustainability and community involvement!
Oct 9, 2023